Each year we select 25-30 artists and merchants to be a part of the festival and sell their wares. We are looking for a mixture of unique and interesting artwork, photography, jewelry, textiles, clothing, glass, trinkets, bags, robots, etc.


A $15 application (non-refundable) fee is required to apply
At this time, we have met our quota for Starry 2019 vendors and are no longer accepting applications.


Application Approval

Each artist is evaluated individually


Pick your Tent

Those selected will need to pay a booth space fee of $100 (single booth) or $250 (double booth in a high traffic spot). This is due August 1st.



If you are chosen to participate, your booth fee will cover access to electricity (limited amp), 2 tables, & 3 spotlights per tent.

If you want to bring your own tent, your single booth fee will be $70.

– It must be a 10 x 10 art show tent.
– It must be white.
– It must be set up by 4:00 the day of the festival

Set up time is from 5:00 p.m. –  6:00 p.m. (set up must be complete by 6:30 p.m.). You must wait until 11:30 p.m. to begin tearing down. You must provide your own lock box & change. We will provide electricity for your booth.

We will begin accepting vendor applications for Starry 2018 at the beginning of April.